Human Performance Technology

Carley’s Human Performance Technology (HPT) process is derived from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Model and includes a systematic approach to improving individual and organizational performance. Our HPT process includes the following activities:

  • Perform a GAP Analysis to determine and define the difference(s) between the present levels of performance and the desired levels of performance.
  • Perform a Cause Analysis to determine why there is a gap in performance expectations. The causes of performance gaps can be categorized into one of the following six categories:
    ○ Skills and Knowledge
    ○ Data, Information, and Feedback
    ○ Environmental Support, Resources, and Tools
    ○ Individual Capacity
    ○ Motives and Expectations
    ○ Consequences, Incentives, or Rewards
  • Design, Develop, and Implement the appropriate solution to mitigate the effect of the cause. Examples of solutions include:
    ○ Training
    ○ Technical References
    ○ Equipment
    ○ Tools
    ○ Compensation Packages
  • Evaluate the implementation of the solution to determine if the solution produced desired results. Did individual and organizational performance improve enough to meet expectations?