NTPS – Re-Engineering, Development, PC Simulations

Naval Training Products and Services (NTPS) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) – Re-Engineering, Development, PC Simulations

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Acquisition of education and training products and related support services for the Naval Education Training Command (NETC) Domain, Direct Reporters, Component/Subcomponent Commands, Learning Centers, Learning Detachments, Naval Task Force (NTF) organizations, and other DON customers fundamental to Fleet readiness

The efforts under the Re-engineering, Development, and PC Simulation NTPS MAC involve applying the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) or ISD/Systems Approach to Training (ISD/SAT) models to the development and life-cycle maintenance of re-engineering existing content as well as developing new content and PC Simulations.

  • Content Re-engineering – Requirements under this area will consist of (but may not be limited to) the re-development of training materials or simulations following the Naval Education and Training Command Course Development & Revision Process (E2E process).  It will include the development of higher-end training based on the completed process. Content developed in these Task Orders or Statements of Objectives will be more interactive (Level 2/3/4), more based on Skill Proficiency Levels SPL1 – Imitation and SPL2 – Precision and most knowledge development will be specifically at Knowledge Proficiency Levels KPL2 – Application/Analysis or KPL3 – Synthesis and Evaluation. Assessments will be more performance-based and may rely on PC Simulations, Part Task Trainers, Technical Training Equipment (TTE), or a combination of these approaches.
  • Development – Using AIM CPM/LO Module, create performance-based blended learning that can be assessed.
  • PC Modeling and Simulation – Requirements under this area will consist of development of high-level (Level 3/4) training applications that employ simulation technology on Personal Computer (PC) platforms.

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