Carley Corporation has been awarded a contract by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to design and develop web-based simulations to optimize Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s decision making skills. Using on-line gaming technology, Carley will develop a virtual environment where officers are placed in complex scenarios in which they must respond to individuals and environmental conditions to determine appropriate responses.

This Force Assessment Simulation Tool (FAST) is being designed to provide accessible, web-based training via a desktop computer or tablet. Officers will make cognitive decisions based on the current state of the scenario, see the immediate outcome of these decisions, and continue in the scenario based on their decisions.  The simulation will dynamically respond to the user’s unique input.

Concepts addressed in the training will include the ability to discern potential threat indicators, decision to use force, practical understanding of laws and policies, attitudes, biases and propensity by officers to make choices that escalate or de-escalate tensions when dealing with subjects.   Each scenario will also include assessments, customized feedback, and the ability for an administrator to create reports on student performance.

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